Marcelo Pinell


As a Coordinator, he provides high quality client and team support to help organizations create lasting social impact. Marcelo, grew up in the Latin American communities of the Mission and Excelsior districts of San Francisco. As a Latino male, he greatly benefited from the presence of several non-profits in his community. In turn, Marcelo has devoted and dedicated his life to give back to the city by serving in after school programs, winter camps, coaching sports, teaching, mentoring and empowering the urban minority youth to pursue that which is good, true, and beautiful. 

He also holds a B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Biola University. His interest lies in understanding how religion can influence developments in the social-cultural arena. Blue Garnet has given him the opportunity to mesh his passion and life experience with a group of pragmatic idealists, who are doggedly supporting nonprofits, foundations and corporations to take a long-term view in solving complex social problems. 

Marcelo can be reached by phone at (310) 439-1930 x 6#